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Well the first thing you have to do then is learn how to stay calm under fire, not easy to do, but let me tell you from first hand experience it gives you a HUGE advantage.
It's also a huge psychological advantage when people you always play with get the drop on you and still end up getting shot first lol

Comparing real steel to airsoft pistols, all the practices carry over. It's not like AEG's where you don't have to deal with recoil anymore, with pistols there's just less of it. But all the stances and grips do well to increase your proficiency.

As for iron sights, I don't take the time to line em up, I ignore them unless I'm shooting real far. I just line up the top of the slide to the target, once you know where your gun shoots, you don't even need the sights under 60 feet.
And optics just get in your way. A red dot on your pistol can do nothing but obscure your vision.

The best thing you can do is just set up a target, and keep shooting till you run that coleman tank dry. Or drop your fps on your rifle and learn how to slam fire it, that's what I did when it was at 380fps, and you'll be amazed how often a skilled bolt action operator can take out a panicked rifleman lol
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