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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
I dont understand your statement about .3's.
I'm using .3 bbs is because the hop up is a bit too strong even with it off. I get over hop with .25.

As for practice I figure that would be my solution. The other issue I'm having is being rushed and enemy entering my MED. That's when I panic and just spray. My pistol shoots fun(though some mechanical issue is arising) but I just can't seem to aim under stress. Another example would be sneaking up to a small group of enemy and I'm at the edge of my MED, it would be safe to use my pistol but do to the noise I would need to take them out fast and while walking/jogging or out of cover.

Another thing is, I'm used to using scopes therefor iron sights are a challenge for me. Like I mention above, I thought of using red dot but just can't find a suitable holster for my need.

One thing I'm planning to do is, set up targets in my basement and target practice shooting. I've seen on the web video where people using hi-capa for pistol race and usually they have red dot sight. Think it's worth the money and time? Also if anyone's done this, does it really help or is it all about gaming experiences?
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