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^Yeah what they said above.

Just practice your muscles to memorize how your gun works. Specifically, the trigger pull and weight before the hammer breaks. also note how you react to the shot (ie. wrist control, forearm bracing, etc etc). Also, take note on different stances and see which one your most comfy with.

I suggest taking your gun to the yard to just get a good feeling on how the gun behaves. Shoot slow as Thundercactus said. My wife taught me how to shoot lol. She used to be in the Military and always taught to slowly squeeze the trigger and have good follow through. Even though airsoft guns are not remotely close to firing real firearms, I still apply the principle and most of the time it works. The more you do it, the faster you will become at knowing where each bb will fly.

After you got all that down and you know your gun inside and out, you can fine tune your gun to maximize your accuracy. TIghtbores, hop tuning, hop up buckings and all that non sense.

I guess the moral of the story is to just practice first. And then tune.
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