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Pistol training, how?...

Hey there,

I've been having a lot of troubled using my pistol's iron sight and actually hitting my target where I won't! I run a L96 so I need a secondary for the MED but i tend to just 'spray and pray' when it comes to that 40-50 feet. Usually go full mag to take down one guy and that screw me over. Also avoid spraying others.

What I'm hoping is to find some way to get better with my pistol like increase accuracy and take less shots. I don't like shooting heads but if spray I sometimes end up hitting other in the face.

So, I'm currently using a KSC glock 17. The hop up is a little strong therefore I'm force to use .3 bbs. I've been thinking to add a red dot sight to help with my accuracy but then I would need to get a new holster like the racing holster which I feel would add more scruff to my pistol and might damage my red dot while I'm prown. Right now I have my pistol on my vest.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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