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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
maybe my google fu just isnt strong enough.
but i cannot seem to find the answer.

does anyone know how many lbs of force it takes to detonate a
40mm CO2 grenade?
or a
40mm Propane grenade

I've got a project in mind and the answers to this would help a lot.

thank you in advance.
From my experience there are so many variants that the trigger weight goes from a sneeze to a holy fuck is the safety on this thing...... also depends on brand of grenade used with the mosquito mold being the lightest one and the king arms being the heavyest. Try a few brand until you find the one that fit your needs...i remember having one nade that would routinely pop while being transported in my grenade pouch just about any time i would drop to the gound while an other I was woried of snapping the trigger on my launcher.....

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