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Stuck on What G36c I should get. ARES or Matrix?

So for a long time I've been wanting to get the ARES G36c and I finally have the money saved up, but then comes evike with an amazing deal on what looks to be like a Great G36c. Its the Matrix X46c. Its only 140$ requlary 200$ Plus shipping and international charges ect. so im thinking Im going to be paying around 200$ for it which is alot cheaper than the ARES Version. Now the reason Why im thinking of buying the X36 is because I heard it has a high quality Polymer body, and is said to have one of the best gear boxes and motor in the market. I've heard nothing but positive reviews and no negative reviews and most of the reviews said it has lasted them 3-5 years without any problems. But the main reason I want the ARES is because of the quick spring change. I constantly switch from indoors to outdoors. I only have a mediocre SRC indoor gun. The ARES also has blow back which I am disabling to keep my gearbox from exploding. The X36 also is said to be exactly like the Tokyo marui but with better externals. I know I'm going to get a lot of people telling me to get a KWA or CA but I cant really afford that and its hard getting american guns into canada. Im planning on getting the X36 in diffrent parts and then building it to aviod it being seized and the ARES through Toronto airsoft.
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