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Here's the short and sweet.

Green/Top Gas = propane with oil/scent added
- same propellant, same power (in general)
- without lubricant, propane will dry out your seals

"Duster" = Tetrafluoroethane (HFC134a)
- weaker power than propane
- does not contain lubricants so it will dry out your seals
- Difluoroethane is weaker than Tetrafluoroethane and will not cycle pistols well (usually)

If your pistol can use Top/Green can use propane (i.e. coleman stove, welding, etc...). If you use duster it may or may not's not that it'll hurt it, but rather the gas may be too weak to cycle the gun properly.

Use light silicone oil to lubricate duster or propane. Adding a 2-3 drops to the Airsoft Innovations Adaptor now and then as you fill a mag will do it. How much is not an exact science...depends on your gun, your setup and how much/fast you shoot.
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