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Originally Posted by Freeze View Post
Still using my first can of "Green Gas" I don't use my gas guns much....

On another note, can you use duster in a green gas gun?

Ok, "TOP Gas" is just another brand of green gas, so if that's working in the gun then the TOP gas will be fine too. TOP gas is not more powerful or anything (although it has a very distinctive smell -- not as sour as propane, but it definitely has a strong smell I'd describe as "peppery." Something to keep in mind if you're opting for green gas over propane because you're shooting inside your house.)

Otherwise if its for gaming, get an adapter, some silicone oil and run propane from camping stove bottles. It's the same stuff, but smells 100x worse and doesn't come with oil so you need to add it yourself.

As for duster, most duster now is Difluoroethane rather than Tetrafluoroethane (HFC134a). You can still find some dusters which are HFC134a but they're harder to find now (idiots were huffing the stuff and dying). It's also more expensive than propane and jury rigging a fill nozzle is a PITA (and leaks). Overall you'll have a lot less power with HFC134a over propane.

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