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Wildcard, I'm going to have to side with SWAT on this, I used to like Toronto Airsoft and Mach1 is pretty good but does tend to have high prices.

There are many reasons I (to) go to Pmall, Airsoft is usually not one of them.

When I decide to buy a new gun, I check all of the retailers, even the ones in Pmall and the cost of importing one myself, whoever has the best deal, I get it from them. I've done a lot of business with Toronto Airsoft in the past, they've been slipping.

Toronto Airsoft, needs to get their shit together, their in store customer service has become complete shit, I've been there many times in the past with my brother and a couple of his friends, so, when I learned one of his buddies is looking to get a side arm, I sent them there. Big mistake. They left without a pistol because the individual behind the counter was rude as all hell, refused to let them handle anything before purchase and was observed to have no idea what the fuck he was talking about. That's when they could get his attention, which was shortly lived as he'd just wander off in the middle of dealing with them. I can't say much for their stock either, outside of WE, most of it is complete crap. They're still selling Cansoft pistols as well, which, I can't understand how they manage to sell when proper coloured pistols are readily available.

About the only time I'll say TA is any good, is if it's Frank himself in store dealing with you.
TA really do need to get their shit together, especially with the new import regs and a certain new online retailer. Nobody is going to pay what they're pricing at when the same item is available now for half TA retail or less. And their online service is getting worse as well, I haven't received any replies to questions I've sent in.
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