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Machinist for a Custom GBBR Bolt

First to the mods, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I really wasn't sure where to post it, move it if necessary : )

My KJ M4 suffered it's first catastropic failure after 20,000+ rounds. A part of the bolt carrier that runs under the nozzle has snapped cleanly off, rendering the gun non-functional. Now the simple solution is buy a new one, right? Well there are 2 versions and V1, which I had, is discontinued. Unfortunately the V2 performs worse than the V1, so I'd like to keep the same design. I've stripped the bolt down and have some pics, it doesn't look overly complicated to machine another, given you have the right tools. A new bolt machined from solid aluminum is what I am thinking.

If anyone is or knows a machinist capable of doing this job, please contact me. I will reimburse you for time and material. Pics below

This picture clearly shows where the tab has broken off the main bolt carrier unit. Notice the light gray area on the bottom, below the circle.

More pics

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