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Depends. I was at a game couple Saturdays back that held about 50 players and last night's skirmish had about 20 or so. The turn out generally seems to be good.

If you're wondering if this is a cost-worthy sport then I'd say it is. Plenty of people play, and there's quite a few games going on. I'd rather more games, but it's a unique sport that cannot be played everywhere so as a city boy I have to accept what's out there. However, it's not much different than skiing or snowboarding. Unless you're living in Whistler or something, the average person is skiing maybe twice a week during winter on the weekends only. If you really wanted to, I'm sure you could average roughly the same throughout the year with airsoft.

My question to you is: wtf are you waiting for?
My dad and I are going through it. The first time I did it in the States, I loved the rush. I just needed to know how many people play here because if you look at a couple of videos on YouTube about Jericho, there's a lot of players.

I was watching some videos from JOC, how many players even have pistols? I looked at the video and maybe a few had one.
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