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Hey all! Name's Matt, but people call me TrainAss or Caboose! I'm a 29yo father of a 2.5mo girl and from Edmonton, AB but originally from London Ontario (I moved here to be with my wife).My roomate got in to airsoft a few years back, has a nice electric G36K and a 1911 GBB. After holding and shooting his 2 guns, I've really wanted to get in to Airsoft.

I'm currently on the hunt for a GBB Walther CP99 that I can use in games and on a shooting course, but I'm having trouble finding a decent one. Been lurking on the forums for a while, and figure it's about time I sign up. I really want to get full in to Airsoft, and start going to some games and tournaments and whatnot. There looks to be a lot of good resource and help on these forums, so I should be set!

I'm big in to computers, electronics and video games. Aviation buff as well.
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