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Originally Posted by Swag View Post
I have normal black magazines, they are allowed right? So all I need is someone to ship it to me and I'm good? I actually brought my night vision goggles that I got from a family friend who served in the military. I packed it in my gaming box and they turned away. I'm not sure if that's morally wrong, but just wanted to share.

Thanks for the really in-depth answers. I think we're going to go to step 2 now.
The night vision issue isn't a moral issue - it's a technology issue where the US government doesn't want to have certain technologies outside of official agency control in foreign countries, that they've granted access to that technology. In this case, they wouldn't want NVG to fall into the hands of a Canadian Terrorist, or be forwarded on to their economic/military rivals in another country via Canadian hands

Normal magazines that are obviously designed for airsoft-only use, are not going to be an issue. Those that display fake bullets fall under the grey area of "replica" classification here. We can get them here, but trying to get them over as private citizens is a huge risk if you'd like to avoid a border hassle/red flagging for future border interaction in the CBSA computer system.

Not sure how to ship personal property without a hassle (ie accused of trying to get purchases over the border, when they aren't in fact purchases) -- you might need to do some further research on that.

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