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Gear is permitted. Even airsoft rifle (parts) are permitted, if they are missing the receiver assembly. Airsoft parts like M203 shells, M203 launchers, magazines with displayed fake bullets, and silencers/suppressors are also parts likely to get seized by CBSA. Stuff like Night Vision devices might get stopped at the border by the US side, due to restricted trade issues, but otherwise for airsoft gear, uniform, equipment and airsoft parts, it's "game on".
I have normal black magazines, they are allowed right? So all I need is someone to ship it to me and I'm good? I actually brought my night vision goggles that I got from a family friend who served in the military. I packed it in my gaming box and they turned away. I'm not sure if that's morally wrong, but just wanted to share.

Thanks for the really in-depth answers. I think we're going to go to step 2 now.
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