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Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
Should get your dad to make an account and get verified first
He already has an account and he's planning to make the meeting soon if we decide to go forward.

Originally Posted by HackD View Post
It's not the "age 16" that people don't like seeing on the fields, it's the immaturity that typically comes with that age that they don't wish to deal with. If you don't display the immaturity, then you likely won't encounter issues if the field you plan on playing at, allows you. Adults can be immature also, but they are of the age of responsibility, and will get banned if they display irresponsibility/immaturity.. and that is what the whole issue of under 18 not being permitted, or under 18 permitted only with parental consent/supervision comes from. If the field that you are going to is under 18 friendly, and your father plays along side of you, and there is no honor/immaturity issues, then i really don't think that there is going to be an issue for you to play, as far as "ruining fun for others" goes.
I see, I thought it was more of a different issue. I just don't want to be frowned upon and ruin it for the others. I have met a few people that went crazy on copying COD and the other games, I never really understood it. Anyways, thanks for explaining what people don't like in the age parameters.

Another question: I have tons of gear that I left in the States, they aren't guns or anything, just my BDU, vest, pouches, mags, slings, holster, and batteries. Any of these going to be confiscated if I get them shipped to me? I read the Canadian law thread numerous times, but I can't get a fix on whether all these items are allowed.
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