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Help in starting airsoft

I'm from the States and I've lived there all my life until a few months ago. I first tried Airsoft back at home. This was in the Jericho Airsoft field and I just absolutely fell in love with it. I wanted to invest in it, but understanding that I was going to move to Canada soon, I went on to read about the laws in Canada concerning airsoft. I learned that I cannot import guns to Canada and if I buy it in the States, it's just going to be a complete waste. Now that I'm here, I have a few questions before I jump in and buy things.

First things first, in the states, we had kids playing from age 8 and it wasn't a surprise. Here, I believe the age should be 16, and yes, I am 16 years old. My first question is, If I have permission from my guardian, will I be able to participate in sims/games?
Second is a question that many people ask, but I need assurance, which online store has the best CS, prices, and overall performance.
The last question is more like preference, and I don't mind if it hurts, would you mind a 16 year old boy participating in your fields? And sadly, I'm short. I wish I was taller, but genes...
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