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Hello Airsoft Canada!

The name is Andrew, I'm a 29 year old PROUD father of two daughters (one two years old, the other due in September) I'm also a construction worker, currently enjoying the boom in the construction industry, ala Toronto. (Currently, there are around 129 sites in Toronto alone, we're number one in the world for Construction, as it stands. Something to be proud of! Mind you, once the pan-am games are done and over with, it'll take a nose dive.) I've been a hobby gamer for as long as I can remember, with interests leading into the Military, Computers, Cars, and recently Airsoft.

I've been on this site many years ago, perhaps four now. With no record of my old information, I thus had to create a new one. Don't worry, I think I only made a greeting. At the time, I didnt do much research in regards to buying anything airsoft related aside from drooling over all the awesome stuff there is. I've played Paintball, but never enjoyed it simply because I didnt like the look of the guns. Then I discovered Airsoft, and I was blown away at the attention to detail when it came to these fine beauts.

Having realized now with my current age and what not, there's not alot of hobbies out there for a guy like me, being a parent and all takes up a lot of time. With that said, putting aside the gaming was for the best. However, Airsoft is something I can dedicate time and energy into, seeing how it can be very addictive. Like having tattoos, or collecting medieval weaponry (had a nice 32 piece collection at one time, until it got stolen while moving from Welland back to Toronto.)

Needless to say, I've been creeping around Airsoft Canada for the past two weeks, reading up on anything and everything. I have LOTS of questions, primarily AEGS as a first time owner. I do have one question, regarding the Age Verification. I understand having proper ID. But here's my problem, I do have a license, however it expired in '07. I have a citizenship, however I'm only four years old on the picture, regardless whether it's government ID, I'll leave that up to you guys to decide, going back to the license, seeing how I'm 29 now, with the license expiring in '07, do the right math and either way I would've been of age even when it was active. But I digress, and will leave that with the pro's.

I wanted to clear the air regarding this, before I ventured forth and got a hold of a Regional Rep.

As of now, I'm currently building my kit. I have'nt purchased anything as of yet, but I do have a spiffy list, and if anyone is willing to go through the list with me, I'd love to share it with you guys, hear your thoughts on some of the items!

Dont know about you guys, but I think it's time to end this novel, again guys thanks for allowing me into this fantastic community/family!

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