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Ok. Opinion time. I wanna hear yours.

So, I'm currently trying to get as much exposure as possible to this incredible hobby. I'm hooked. Addicted. Like a skinny little Tweaker pickin' BBs outta my skin wondering when I'm gonna get my next fix. I like it. A lot. Did I mention how much I like it?

So, I've got my "historic" airsoft gun, an ICS M3. Love it. Good range, good accuracy... Hate the hi-cap mags, but I'll live with 'em. I've got WW2 covered, I've got 'nam covered, I've got "third world Guerilla" covered. Went out for a more "modern" game the other day... And Performance wise, I have zero issues with my grease gun, hits what I want to hit, and it's simple. However....

It's a bit noisy (easy to fix, other than the hi-cap rattle).
The mag's too long for decent prone positioning.
And, despite the 97% metal construction, I'm a little concerned about breaking it.
I do like the small size though.

I've got my eyes set on a Real Sword... For all the obvious reasons. Was going to get a type 56, or 56-1, but now I'm thinking I want small.

So, I'm in the market for a small, rugged, high quality AEG, fairly light, easy to carry through heavy brush, decent accuracy.

I figure a bullpup will give me the barrel length I'm looking for in a compact package, so that narrows it down greatly.

I'm leaning towards the RS 97-B. or perhaps an AUG Steyr? Aaaand finally, I come to the "your opinion" part of this long-winded ramble. If you've used either of these ( I am uncertain as to which manufacturer makes a decent AUG... Classic Army?) I would love to hear your opinions. If you've used BOTH, I'd reeeallly love to hear your opinions.

I'm not hung up on a rail mounted toys... Iron sights do me just fine, so that's not really a factor for me. FPS is secondary to consistency and decent groupings. And "toughness" and reliability are paramount. I hate buying crap. Buy cheap, buy twice.

Thank you for reading, thank you more for answering.
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