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Originally Posted by Raskas View Post
It may also be worth mentioning Echo 1 rebreands low-end Chinese AEGs, so unless you can drop it off at a gundoc every once in a while, don't count on it lasting the year.

As far as a bolt-action is concerned, it should hold up okay, just try to avoid getting mad when mid-range AEGs put plastic downrange with more consistency. Echo 1 is cheap and all, but this is one of those hobbies where you really do get what you pay for. With a bit of work it can be made a monster, but for the cash it'll take to upgrade you'd be better off saving for something better. (Bolt-action not being my area of expertise, so your mileage may vary taking my advice, though most people swear by their Marui VSR-10s, if you've got the cheddar for one)
While what you said was true, the gun in question IS an AEG.
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