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Originally Posted by Knocturnal View Post
First off, this will be my first airsoft gun. I was originally looking at a bolt action sniper rifle, though I gave it some thought and figured I might as well go for an AEG so I can just slap on different accessories depending on how I want to play. So I went ahead and got the E1 ER25K with a 3-9x40 scope, and bipod. Since I purchased my gear for Evike, well it is taking some time to arrive, so I have used the time to research airsoft mechanics, down to the internals of these guns. However, there are mixed opinions regarding Echo1, so I find it hard to decide if I have made a good choice... DID I make a wrong decision? What should I expect of this rifle? What would have been a better alternative when considering a similar price range?
Depending on what side of the CDN border that you are on, the first few wrong decisions, might just not be about the gun itself.

First of all, Evike doesn't have a very good reputation as far as retailers go - either in the US, or in Canada, online and even in their storefront - secondly, unless they've got their ducks in a row as far as Customs and FPS standards/documentation goes, it might get seized coming into Canada.

Good luck..

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