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Originally Posted by Swattiger View Post
Most airsoft rifles are used from a longer distance, and pistols are mostly used in CQB and a much shorter distance.

So same power, but shorter distance=more damage=more dangerous. That's why most of the indoor games have limited the FPS to a much lower one.
Really? I'm not sure how you figure that one. If you come around a wall at 2-3 feet from me at a game with "no mercy", I'm going to engage you, whether I have a rifle firing 400 or a pistol firing 400. At that point, what's the difference.

If field rules state Max FPS to be 400, what difference is a pistol from an smg from a rifle, with the exception of more accuracy at range?
Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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