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my first game yesterday and the fee was $15

I'll give you a break down of what it cost me and what issues I had

tac vest $56
-something broke, it might have weakened that point but still works atm... maybe have to reinforce

BDU $62
-top and bottom, though i ended up not using the top since it was way too hot

Olive drab t-shirt $6
-from army surplus

drop leg holster $22
-failed during last scenario... need to secure it better on the drop leg

knee/elbow pads $26
-never used them since the field was pretty soft

gun sling $20
-must have!

goggles $25, $40, $50 and $90
-had fitting issues with 2 of the 4, $40 and $90 dollar ones left huge cap at bridge of my nose
-looking to fit fans on the $50 one that i used all game, it fogged up a lot! even the $90 one!
-don't buy goggles unless you can try the fit on first if it's at all possible

boonie hat $10
-from army surplus as well

boots $80
-re-purposed my coleman hiking/camping ones, they performed excellently

gloves $25
-actually brought 4 pairs to game, didn't use any of them, hehehe
buddy got shot between the knuckle so take my experience with a pinch of salt

mesh mask $15
-didn't fit too well with goggles but will try to make it work for another game
-got shot in the head a few times but luckily not in the nose/mouth area..

weapons and consumables...
GBBR G36kv w/ 3 extra magazines ran me about $600ish
-wished I had bought one more mag...
-was easily out gunned by m4 "LMGs"...
-sucker was loud and you knew who just took out a few enemy players if you heard it and people yelling hit afterwards =D

GBB MK23 w/ 2 extra magazines $320
-side arm is a must when running GBBR as primary since they're real caps...

Bastard BBs $10 per 2000 count bag, went through 2 bags
I personally only used 500ish rounds, buddy using my Scar H AEG went through rest

Propane, went through two bottles, these are $3 a piece at Walmart I believe

All that cost me near $1500, the Scar H is mine too and that ran me $550(used) but I didn't use it again after first scenario and buddy used it rest of the day

I've asked and read, when they say it'll cost you excess of $1000 to get into a game, it's true...
If you went with an electric gun, you could get away with no side arm at all, electric rifles are mostly cheaper than GBBRs AND magazines are very cheap compared to gas magazines so you could save a bundle by simply going with electric.

Unless the game specifies, you don't need really expensive/fancy BDUs anyways. My game was Tan vs Green, as long as you're wearing those colours it was fine.

Sorry for not organizing my thoughts properly :P
Everything I bought is considered new unless specified
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