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Originally Posted by CanadianHero View Post
Hey guys, I have recently just quit competitive paintball to give Airsoft a try. I find that paintball is much to expensive, and I don't have that good of a job :P.

My questions are:

1. In comparison to paintball, what airsoft gun would be considered the "ego11" of airsoft guns? My buddy has some type of an M4 he might sell me. In regards to effectiveness, accuracy, range, internals etc..what paintball gun could be considered the same level?

I have no idea what an EGO11 is...but I'll assume it's a good PB marker. Stick to name brands (i.e. King Arms, VFC, RealSword). Safer bets

2. Is there airsoft teams? How does one tryout? Is there tournaments/prizes?

In general no. You might find some groups like that...but in the most part AS games/things are not structured like PB.

Get sorted out...go to Games/Events/your province...look for local games...sign up and attend.

3. If someone could ballpark it for me, how much is an entire tactical uniform? (Vest, primary, side-arm, pants, other misc. apparel someone might wear)

Good breakdowns already...budget $1500.

AS is just as expensive as PB....but the per game/outing out of pocket costs are much lower.

4. How much would a day of airsoft cost? Is it similar to paintball where
you BYOP (Bring your own paint) or I guess in this case bring your own bb's?

I'm going to assume you're relating to the out of pocket game day costs....

It's usually BYOE (Bring your own everything). There may be BB's for sale...but don't count on it. Same goes for water/food/batteries/etc... You're lucky if there's a shitter at some fields.

Game fees range from $10-150. Most are $20-35. Depends on the field/venue. That's usually for the whole day/duration of the game...not per hour/etc. Some fields mandate that you must use their ECO BBs...dunno, I've never played at those places.

BB's run $20 (avg) a bag (~2K rounds). At some games (milsim) you might not shoot more than others you may shoot that much (or more). Cheap though.

Played a game last Sat. Excluding travel and food expenses were ~$5 in BBs and $20/field.

5. How many magazines would be ideal to carry during 1 game/match?

[B]Again...depends on the game. Mags are Real Cap/Low Cap/Mid Cap/High Cap. Approx 30/70/120/300+ respectively. So if you're playing a fun shoot 'em up you might not need more than a few Mid Caps for any given set.

Some games are limited load out, real cap if you want to deploy with the full 300 rounds then you'll need 10/30 round mags.

The most flexible thing to do is to get a set (usually 5-6 mags) of Mid Caps. Short load them if the game calls for it...stuff 'em full if not[B]

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
I wrote this years ago...still applies if you're starting into things.
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