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Originally Posted by CanadianHero View Post
Hey guys, I have recently just quit competitive paintball to give Airsoft a try. I find that paintball is much to expensive, and I don't have that good of a job :P.

My questions are:

1. In comparison to paintball, what airsoft gun would be considered the "ego11" of airsoft guns? My buddy has some type of an M4 he might sell me. In regards to effectiveness, accuracy, range, internals etc..what paintball gun could be considered the same level?

Not sure what an Ego 11 is, but the airsoft version of a BT4 or Tippman 98 would most likely be the KA M4, it's one of the best bangs for the buck with internals that are extremely durable and a metal body. In terms of range, airsoft rifles usually have an effective range of about 100-150 ft with enough accuracy to hit a large target.

2. Is there airsoft teams? How does one tryout? Is there tournaments/prizes?

There are airsoft teams that span from just a group of friends out to have fun to full on MILSIM teams that have matching gear, camo, NVGs, and etc. As for how one gains entry to a team, it varies from team to team (though information can be found in the team section of the forum. As for tournaments/prizes, airsoft is more of a tactical rather than competitive "sports competition" type of activity; our versions of tournaments range from small, casual skirmishes (kind of like a more organized version of walk-in games), to large MILSIMs where players are organized into factions and complete various objectives. Sometimes there may be a raffle for prizes at a game, but the short answer is that we don't have any "tournaments" where the winning team gets a prize.

3. If someone could ballpark it for me, how much is an entire tactical uniform? (Vest, primary, side-arm, pants, other misc. apparel someone might wear)

Depending on what you want to wear, a vest/chestrig/whatever you want to wear can run anywhere from $5-$15 for a Chicom chestrig to somewhere in the hundreds of dollars, $50 is usually enough for a Chinese made vest or a chestrig. For a primary, I'd say $350 is plenty to get a basic rifle that will last, $50-$60 for spare mags (depends on the rifle you get, what mags you want to buy, where you want to buy from), and about $60 for an Imax B6 (AC) and a LiPo from Hobby King shipped to Canada (though maybe about $40 for just the charger with shipping included). A decent sidearm will run you somewhere from $250-$350 depending on what you want though they are rarely used in airsoft unless you get a machine pistol or SMG in which case they can be used as a primary as well. For a uniform, I'd recommend getting real uniforms rather than the cheap uniforms you see on airsoft websites; they will last you longer and won't break easily. I purchased a complete set of Desert MARPAT for $100 though you can get surplus CF OD uniforms for about $50. Though the following item is mentioned last, it is by far, the most important, it is your eye protection and can range from a paintball mask (most likely you already have one from paintball) to a set of ballistic goggles (note that not all fields will allow ballistic goggles) and can range from $20 to $100+. The benefit of ballistic goggles is that a paintball mask can restrict you from looking down the sights of your rifle due to the lower face protector pushing against the stock of your rifle, as well, you only have one set of eyes so don't buy cheap, no name brand, China made goggles just to save money, it's not worth the risk.

In short, here's what you're looking at spending:

Rifle: $350
Smart charger (Imax B6-AC) + 1 LiPo battery (Turnigy 1200 MaH) shipped to Canada from Hobby King: ~$75
Vest: $50
Mags (several mags shipped):~ $60
Uniform: $100
Eyepro: $30
Not including BBs which are $10/2000 rounds for BBBastards.

4. How much would a day of airsoft cost? Is it similar to paintball where
you BYOP (Bring your own paint) or I guess in this case bring your own bb's?

The price of admission varies from field to field, usually it's around $15-$25 with large 24H MILSIMs costing around $100. Most of the time you bring your own BBs unless the host states not to (usually the BBs will be supplied for you in this type of situation).

5. How many magazines would be ideal to carry during 1 game/match?
Usually I carry eight mags loaded to ~85 rounds each, depending on game type, I usually go through about 3 mags per round though with games on larger fields, I can go several hours before reloading. Of course, when there are cheaters, I usually use a lot more ammo (Some people just don't want to call hits for whatever reason).

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
Hope I answered your questions, somewhat decently.
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