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Originally Posted by Agit-Prop
I have to make 2 points even though it's going to step on some toes.

1. This is starting to sound like "league paintball"
2. I don't beleive in the firearms registry. Why should I buy into an airsoft registry?

If it wasn't me saying it, it would be someone else, so dont judge the questions based on who's asking them.
I am not judging - I am just rebutting, so I am not taking anything personally. This is a good discussion and I am glad we are having it and that everyone is taking it seriously enough to consider these arguments. Keep them coming, they are welcome.

On to the response...

Why should I sign up at ASC as a user? What benefit do I derive from registering myself as a member of this community and being over 18? There are benefits to being a known person within this community that we already cooperate on by signing up to dboards. Based on the summarized analogy, itself is a form of a registry. You're already participating in one. Uh oh... 'I've been registered'

If I were asking people to serialize themselves or their airsoft guns I might agree with the metaphor. Thats not what is being discussed. I am talking about nothing more that what we already do on ASC except with attendance and player ratings, nothing more - its not even a dboard per se. It would work cooperatively with dboards though.

It would also be entirely voluntary. Hosts could sign their games up there and players could sign up to attend. In the short term, some people may resist such a system, until they see the benefits that result - more reliable games with more solid attendance by what is posted is what shows. We'll see.
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