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Originally Posted by CanadianHero View Post
Hey guys, I have recently just quit competitive paintball to give Airsoft a try. I find that paintball is much to expensive, and I don't have that good of a job :P.
While airsoft is generally cheaper to play on a game-per-game basis, you need to expect to invest a lot more up front than in paintball. Cheap airsoft guns are usually pure junk. Decent guns and gear, while more expensive, will retain a decent resale value if you 1) shop around and avoid impulse buying, and 2) maintain your equipment.

Impatience may make you want to just buy something cheap now now now, but that path leads to disappointment and frustration. Do your homework and take the time to save up and buy something decent: your patience will be rewarded.

1. In comparison to paintball, what airsoft gun would be considered the "ego11" of airsoft guns? My buddy has some type of an M4 he might sell me. In regards to effectiveness, accuracy, range, internals etc..what paintball gun could be considered the same level?
I dunno from ego11s. "Some type of M4" could be any of about 100 different brand/model combinations: some are awesome, some are junk, most are somewhere in between. Come back with an actual brand/model.

Also you should forget comparing airsoft guns to some paintball equivalent; it just doesn't work that way.

2. Is there airsoft teams? How does one tryout? Is there tournaments/prizes?
There are teams. You don't have to be on a team to play. How you try out depends on the team you're trying to join (its usually best to play some games first, get known and get to know people; things will fall into place by themselves).

3. If someone could ballpark it for me, how much is an entire tactical uniform? (Vest, primary, side-arm, pants, other misc. apparel someone might wear)
Really depends on what you want, what kind of games you want to play, etc. You can find some cheap used BDUs at your local surplus store; if you want new, fancy camo patterns it'll cost you more. Same for vests, etc.

Again, take the time to do your homework; jumping in head first without knowing what you're doing or trying to find easy answers is just going to come back to bite you in the ass down the road.

4. How much would a day of airsoft cost? Is it similar to paintball where
you BYOP (Bring your own paint) or I guess in this case bring your own bb's?
Field fees vary by region, event, etc. Check the Games & Events section for your area (dunno where you're located -- might want to fill out your profile): the game postings will usually state field fees. Typically you're looking at $25-40/game day. Some games are cheaper, some large events are more expensive.

Usually you bring your own BBs, but some fields (usually paintball fields trying to apply their business model to airsoft) will force buying BBs from the field. It's fairly rare however, since many people are picky about what BBs they'll feed their guns (for good reason since not all guns handle all BBs the same way. So some players swear by specific brands just because anything else won't feed properly.)

5. How many magazines would be ideal to carry during 1 game/match?
Depends on the type of magazine and the type of game. Some people use hicaps (~300 BBs). Those can be reloaded pretty easily. Midcaps and Locaps are a bit slower to load and contain less BBs, so you'd carry several. Realcap (same amount of rounds are the real weapon, usually 30 for a rifle) you'll need to carry a full set of mags.

Some games (like milsim) will restrict how many BBs total you carry. Real milsims usually prohibit hicaps as well (and some force the use of low and/or realcaps). A game like that goes on all day, so you'll only reload while respawning so obviously you may need to carry more mags. If its just skirmishes then you can get away with just a small handful of mags, even if they're realcaps or lowcaps.

Depends how much you shoot, too.
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