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Well I've been debating on how much I would say in regards to this thread.

I choose to say this. It is time for the Airsofters (Ontario for now btw) to start following a specific set of rules...I have proposed to several different people a round table discussion bringing together the CO's of the team and the leaders/representatives of the independent players (There are more of you then those that make up the teams) and we all sit down put the collective egos aside and set the damn rules we will all follow and agree to abide. We could toss it under the OASA name or something else the rest of the community desires this organization to be called. Thatís not the point.

The point is:

Tracking of AS games (Including individual attendance and lack thereof)

Buy Sell user rating systems

A set of rules that will apply to all fields all the time.

A registry of those in this association, org or whatever it's called of the weapons they PLAY with and what they are Chronied at (Upgrades and changes should be informed so that the new FPS/X.Xgram can be recorded)

Obviously there would be more issues that's just the short short list.

Face it boys and girls we will be getting more media attention sooner rather than later and the longer we futz around in getting our collective asses organized the harder it will be to handle any outside situations. I know there are many who have... how shall I say this?...poor diplomatic relations with others in the community. tough shite... we all play and we all have to put the old crap aside and come to some sort of operational agreement going...we have to organize what we do. As someone pointed out in this thread you can count the hosts of the majority of the games on two hands. We can easily track the attendance of games just between this limited number of hosts/hosting team and it's taken 7+ pages to say that people flaking on games are bad, something should be done and then tossing ideas comments and segways. This is not an efficient way to solve the problems. I will be having a member of the SnowDragons that you all know and love to shoot contacting people in September to arrange this round table...and I will be starting a thread for adding subject matter to this discussion and have begun to book a facility for us to sit together on neutral ground and make this happen.

Letís stop wasting time, let us act and do this together as a community.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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