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I think you're overplaying the 'regimented beaurocratic' element of this. It can be simple if done properly, and its the host that takes the attendence and decides if something is a bail or legitimate last minute cancel and can mark it as such. The odd emergency isn't going to push your ratio into the red zone is also overplayed.

But even if you have a good reason, it still does not negate the fact that if you did not inform the host, and withdraw your attendence by posting as such, regardless of how noble your reason, its still leaves the host and the rest of the players one less player without notice. If you do it consistently and repeatedly, its the same as bailing without a good reason - you're simply unreliable.

I've personally never cancelled a game without significant notification to players. In fact, my games go rain or shine unless its really obvious that the weather will preclude playing well in advance. I can't speak for others but if a host does that, I'd never sign up for his games. Quid-pro-quo.

Sorry, but I see whole hockey teams make it to practice consistently at 5am and play league at 10pm at night - and consistently show in order to support their teams. The idea that its somehow so difficult to commit and show and therefore there should be no obligation to fulfill your word when you post to attend, and that is somehow acceptable and should be considered business as usual keeps airsoft where it is today and will continue to keep it there - a marginal sport.
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