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Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch
Heh... good luck getting me on any rating system. I've made arangements to start playing again this year. But if work calls, Airsoft goes on the backburner... it's simply a matter of priorities.

I can understand the frustration of organizers to find half the field bailing with no explanation, but as a player... I've shown up to games that had been cancelled... and never got any notification. Kinda fucked up to drive for an hour to find out theres no game. So, as everything it works both ways.

Airsoft is recreational. Not some regimented Goverment controled requirement like doing your taxes. If it was.... wouldn't be much fun. Shit happens, people don't show up... move on.
Here here!

No offence intended, but most (if not all) of the beaureaucratic "solutions" proffered are unworkable.

If an organizer has a financial investment that he needs to have covered due to the purchase of supplies, props, rental of property, etc. then the organizer should simply institue mandatory prepayment with no refund, period.

There'a an old saying that I'll paraphrase here; Flake out once, shame on you. Flake out twice, shame on me.

Edit: A side note - In the case of the games organized by large, close knit teams, there may be an artificially high expectation being assumed by the organizers. If you have a highly disciplined team, and base your expectations of the general public on your existing expectations of people you practice and play with regularly, you are setting yourself up for dissapointment. Some people enjoy regimented formal structure in their recreational activities, some people don't. Neither is right nor wrong in the grand scheme of things.

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