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Originally Posted by kylem_8 View Post
Theres not that many annoyances with AEG's. Charge a battery and go have fun. Sure they have more moving parts but as long as you have a decent mechbox you are good to go.

GBBR's do have less parts and it is easy to see what your problem is... But the annoyance of carrying propane with you, cool down effect of the magazines which directly interferes with full year round outdoor play, its less accurate than AEG's (due to recoil as well as FPS variations regardless of an NPAS), magazines are more expensive, ect.

Dont get me wrong... I love my GBBR but there are WAY more annoyances with GBBR's than there are with AEG's...
Funny, every single aeg iv ever owned has died on me at the start at or in the middle of every game, including my shrike, and that thing has the best parts money can buy.

but let me tell you, those parts sure do look nice....

when there layed out across my work bench....

while im fixing it again....

my gbbrs have never failed me, ever! my kc02 has taken more abuse then any of my personal or issued realsteel firearms and she is still going strong.
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If you ever go to a milsim and hear a vuvuzela, you are fucked.
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