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Originally Posted by kylem_8 View Post
Theres not that many annoyances with AEG's. Charge a battery and go have fun. Sure they have more moving parts but as long as you have a decent mechbox you are good to go.

GBBR's do have less parts and it is easy to see what your problem is... But the annoyance of carrying propane with you, cool down effect of the magazines which directly interferes with full year round outdoor play, its less accurate than AEG's (due to recoil as well as FPS variations regardless of an NPAS), magazines are more expensive, ect.

Dont get me wrong... I love my GBBR but there are WAY more annoyances with GBBR's than there are with AEG's...

Dunno, I been tech'ing and modding AEGs since the late 90s, I've seen enough that they annoy me now. The influx of crap guns in the mid 2000s didn't help, either. But above all, batteries annoy me; I've built bulletproof mechboxes only to have the gun go down because of inexplicable battery issues. And AEGs do go down, too: so you carry a spare AEG, you carry spare batteries for both... a third set of stuff for team mates, just in case. I got to hating the night before games, very literally.

Then unless you have something with a quick change spring (which still isn't commonplace) you need an indoor gun and an outdoor gun, etc.

Don't get me wrong either, as previously mentioned there are areas (like support weapons) were AEGs are the way to go, hands down. Gas systems just cant conveniently sustain that kind of RoF/volume, IMO.

But for M4s, I'm way happier with gas. Maybe I'm still on the honeymoon, but 12 years after my first gas pistol I still love em, so I think its looking good for GBBRs as far as I'm concerned. No annoying battery issues (including placement, having to run external batteries, needing extra batteries cuz you have to run small packs, trigger response suffering due to the same, etc), simple maintenance without having to disassemble the entire gun, etc.

As for accuracy, I've found mine to be as accurate as an AEG. You tune it like a pistol and it becomes a tack driver. And I run co2, so that part is running fine. Might not run in mid-January winter cold, but AEGs run into all kinds of problems then too. The only guns that really perform well in the cold are the spring powered ones.

But yeah, point in case my AEG-vs-GBB experience seems to be the opposite of yours. Which is the point I was trying to drive home to the OP: he needs to really look at what he wants/likes, where/when/with whom he's going to play etc and make an informed decision based on that.
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