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Originally Posted by kylem_8 View Post
Compromise... TM Recoil Shock version. Reliability of an AEG with more recoil than your standard EBB. Problem solved!
See, to me that reads like "all the annoyances of an AEG with one extra novelty that can go wrong."

The beauty of the GBBRs is that they're mechanically simple with only a small handful of moving parts (essentially they're exactly like GBB pistols, with the slide being replaced by a bolt carrier and the recoil spring being moved to the rear of the system).

In my toolbox I carry a spare complete bolt assembly and a spare trigger set; short of the gun breaking in two, those two parts (along with a few basic tools) will cover any failure I'm likely to encounter: either something with the bolt group fails, the trigger group, or one of the mags (in which case I'm down one mag and I move on).

Now how many people using AEGs have to bring a spare, some people bring two... and sometimes they end up with no working gun halfway through the day anyway.

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