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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
I like flipping the cover of the original box inside out (so the brown is on the outside and artwork on the inside) and wrapping the whole thing in brown shipping paper or something (so labels aren't affixed to the original box).

But some guns have minimal packaging (read "unsuitable for shipping") so I'll re-pack them in bubble wrap/Styrofoam peanuts/whatever.
This reminds me sth stupid but funny I done once:

One day I need to send a parcel, I found a cardboard box for a coldsteel knife, fits perfectly for the item I want to send.

It is not very good to mail a box with a vicious-looking knife picture on it, so I turned the box inside out, AND wrapped the whole box with duct tape so it do not fall apart.

Then I realized, what the hell, if I am wrapping the box with duct tape, what's the point for turning the box inside out at first? :x:
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