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Originally Posted by Airsoftchilliwack View Post

Aeg pros:

All year most weather play.
Is to find
Easy to maintain, for the most part.


For me internals
Not much play in rain
Not as cool as gbbr, you know what I'm talking about.
Most real AEGs aren't a problem in the rain. Stay away from PTWs and you'll be fine.

Gbbr pros:
All year play
Cool factor
Higher fps if using co2
Who doesn't want one???

Sometimes weather
Little bit more realistic.

Co2 doesn't automatically give you higher FPS. The mags are different (on WE anyway). I get lower FPS with Co2 than Propane under most conditions.

Plus you'll most likely be using an NPAS or similar pressure adjustment system to control velocity, so its somewhat of a moot point. With the WEs (and maybe other brands too) you're shooting stock is higher than most field limits will allow in most cases anyway, with either propane or Co2.

As for having to dump $1000 into a GBBR to make it gamable, I entirely disagree.

Not counting external mods (rails, optics, accessories, etc) my experience with the WE M4s has been that they're almost gamable right out of the box: you'll absolutely need an NPAS (~$25), I preferred the performance with a heavier buffer (another $20-30) and you need to spend time to give it a good lube job and adjust the hopup. But it'll run pretty well like that. Internally that's pretty much all I've done to mine (two of em).

Will things wear out over time and need replacing? Yes. But that's true of anything; a gbbr, a car, a house, a fax machine, etc. Cross those bridges when you get to them, you don't NEED to changes all the parts right out of the box.

Downsides to GBBRs you haven't mentioned:
  • mags are expensive. It'll cost you almost as much as the gun to get a decent set of mags.
  • Mags are real caps. Depending on what type of games you play and people you play with, you might feel at a disadvantage (i.e. for skirmishes with a bunch of munchkins running 5-6 hicaps).
  • Propane mags tend to leak. So far my Co2 mags have been awesome, but they'll cost more to operate (those 12g cartridges).
  • requires more maintenance. Some people run their AEG for years without maintenance (without reference to whether that's good or bad) except for charging their batteries before games. The GBBR experience is a more realistic one, and that includes maintenance: expect to clean your gun after every game. In some conditions you may need to clean your gun during the game. The upside is it strips and cleans like the real thing, so no messing around with mechboxes to do maintenance. I'm down with it, but some people would be annoyed.
  • In-mag gas systems suck for sustained auto. If you're shooting semi, you'll love it. If you plan on shooting auto a lot, performance will be less than stellar.

Are they worth it? Some people hate em. I love them. I'm selling most of my AEGs now, in favor of GBBRs, except for my Bolt Action, shotgun, and my M249 (as mentioned, sustained automatic fire with gas just isn't good right now.. unless maybe you have some external air rig. But I don't dig that shit.)

But I'm happy to be free of batteries and mechboxes. I can just throw stuff in the truck and I'm ready to go, no more spending the night before the game charging batteries and crap. But some people don't mind that. So you need to figure out what you like/want and which platform suits you better.
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