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The rule of thumb I've learned is that you always need to swallow a jar-full of Ordering-From-East-Asia Chill Pills every time you order from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Japan. It's on the other side of the planet, a lot of these stores are often focal points of the global market for our hard-to-find items and are quite busy, and they're in a completely opposite timezone which amplifies the out-of-sync feeling. If you need it fast, always choose the fastest shipping you can afford, because the cheapest shipping always takes many weeks.

I generally get my Hobby King, eHobby Asia, etc, orders within a week, but as you have probably discovered by now it's important to just fire and forget and then be pleasantly surprised a few days later

That said, Hobby King does have a USA warehouse that can ship to Canada. I wouldn't be surprised if the ship times were actually competitive with EMS shipping from Hong Kong though.
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