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Steel barrel for KWA Mk23

So I have an ns2 Mk23 by KWA. I did not like the plastic barrel at all, and so ordered an ra-tech steel barrel from ehobby. I just ordered the barrel, not the slide, because the slide + barrel combo seems to be in the price bracket of those who have some pocket cash left over from putting diamond spinners on their gold jet ski. Also I heard that the steel slide lowers fps. Don't want that. I had to file down the top of the rear square part of the barrel that fills the ejection port, in order for the slide to actually go back at all. The gun functions perfectly right now, and the added weight and stability when using a suppressor is awesome. After having to do that file job, though, I'm getting wary of the long-term effects of this barrel.

With this configuration, what areas should I be particularly checking for wear, and how soon do these effects normally begin to show?

What kind of lubrication has worked best for you for metal on metal parts?

Honestly, is the metal barrel worth it, or will the cons outweigh the pros within a couple of months?
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