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Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
Hey guys
So tuesday I asked him to refund me unless he could ship the item this week.

He then promptly sent me a tracking number, a surprising coincidence

This tracking number (RC034778783HK) seems to be associated with ParcelForce (does not conform to HK post format), which is in the UK. As you guessed, neither him or I is in the UK.

So I'm thinking he sent me a boggus number to shut me up and not refund; Should I come back to him with this?

The tracking info hasn't been received yet (if it ever does). I'm thinking of waiting tomorrow evening before asking him what the hell is this.

If my assumotion is correct, he just lost me as a customer, no matter how you see it, this is no way of treating a customer IMO.

What are your thoughts on this?
Give it a couple more days and check if it shows up on canada post tracking. If not just dispute it you have 45 days with paypal.
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