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Originally Posted by XZIVR View Post
Can I assume then, that you don't really do much work to your own gun?
That feels like a loaded question...

It is a wrong assumption. I've opened up the ones that i have owned for various reasons including upgrades/repairs. I'm no gun-doc, but i am comfortable with working on what i do own.

Perhaps it comes from my own motorcycling background.. i used to take the bike out to the local drag strip on weekends for the fun of it.. not everyone can afford a dyno in their garage to make sure that it's really running right... I'm used to the fact that what you bring to the game (either the drag race, or the field) may not necessarily be up to the task for that day, and may need to go back home for a re-fix before actually getting some usage. A back-up bike isn't really an option, but a back-up gun is.

I do like tinkering with the guns internals, and once set to my liking all is good until it breaks. On my priority list things like a crony keep getting bumped down by "more mags", "more M203 shells", "more food in fridge", etc.

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