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Originally Posted by XZIVR View Post
I just thought of another one.. People who don't own a chrono. Look at how many threads there are with people saying "what does my gun shoot if it is stock" or "what would my fps be now that I did xyz upgrade"

A chrono is $100. I don't get how people can spend thousands on their other gear but still be too cheap to pick one up.
On the airsoft "priority wish-list" (everyone has got one of these, right?... things that you still want to get vs a budget, even after having spent multi-thousands on other kit/equipment) it likely keeps getting shunted to the bottom by other things.

I know it keeps getting knocked down on mine - but then, i can also get my rifle cronyed on-field whenever i attend an event - and if it fails crony, i always got a back-up, while i take the rifle in question back home for a re-tune and try again next game.

I imagine that it's a question mostly asked by the noob segment, who don't understand all the setup and tuning nuances that make up the final FPS figure.
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