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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Never let your rifles or pistols out outside of an apropriate playing field.
That's common knowledge.
This is the most important piece of information in this thread. Please, harunda, if you're going to listen to anything in this thread, listen to this.

There are many threads regarding this, but to put it succinctly, do NOT play airsoft in your backyard with your friends. You appear to want to do this the safest way by use of a paintball mask. The safest way to enjoy airsoft is by NOT playing in publicly accessible areas.

Things to keep in mind:
  1. while YOU and your friends might enjoy the benefits of eye and face protection, anyone who wanders into wherever you may be playing will NOT be enjoying such protection. As such, they are extremely vulnerable to losing an eye, some teeth, their hearing, or being injured or hurt in other ways. Please respect the safety of others.
  2. even with proper signage, warnings, etc, people will not listen or adhere to signage, verbal or written warnings, phone calls. There was recently a field that even attempted to use security guards to keep bystanders out, who were unable to prevent unauthorized access on an authorized and legal field.
    Wild Water Kingdom

    Check out Slow Eddy's response to this field. As such, this field quickly became black-listed, and was no more a playable venue, and for good reason.
  3. regardless of precautions that you may take to prevent unwanted bystanders in your place of choice for partaking in airsoft activities, you will always risk being arrested by a police tactical force, who will not take kindly to you running around in backyards or other places with what appear to be real guns. This not only risks your life, future career and free time, but it also risks the lives, future careers and free time of those around you whom you played with, it will affect your family and friends. It will also bring negative attention to the sport that we have all joined this forum to share and love.

What should you do from this point on?

1. You should contact the player groups, communities and associations in your area. These guys can not only provide you with excellent information about this sport, but they can introduce you to places where you can play with them without any of the above consequences and dangers. They can also hook you up with good deals, and you can form some lasting friendships in this sport.

2. You should do more research about this sport, there are many good threads, they can be found simply by searching. Search a topic that you are interested in, and decide for yourself the best course of action, after having read more of what some of the people on this board have written.

3. You should research where you can participate in airsoft in your area, and go and see a game, see if it is for you.

4. You should continue to ask questions, and you should listen to the advice that has been given, as you seem to have done so far.

If you haven't read anything that I've written, please listen to what Fox111 wrote.

Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Never let your rifles or pistols out outside of an apropriate playing field.
That's common knowledge.
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