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Originally Posted by Malinak
Excuse me?
I deserve the right to play this game just as much as you do. Just to get through the pain each day that I have from the moment I wake up, I have to take some powerful narcotics. Maybe not weed ( but that was an option that the doctor gave me) but stronmg enough pills that would make the average person seeing the proverbial pink elephant. Yet after taking these meds for 7 years to me it feels no different than my wife taking 2 Motrin.
And even with those meds in my system, I can still play this game fine and as safely asd any other member on this board.
Medical issues are some what different then recreational users. I wouldn't want some one playing high on legal but controled substances either. Of course these things (medical uses) should be a case by case basis as the meds that my dr has scripted me can send me for a loop, ie I get really really high when I mix them with diet coke (every other pop is fine though). But then I wouldn't take my meds when I'm driving or requiring alertness in the first place. Then there's people like you who due to intense pain would be unsafe with out the drugs in the first place.
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