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Originally Posted by ao_tenshi View Post
which came out to about $65 and was charged $25 in duty and fees. I remember ordering things online from retailers in Hongkong before (upto $30 or so) and was never charged duty.
$25 sounds about right for tax/duty and broker fee.

At work for $65, I'd pay $3.25 GST + $16.50 entry fee as we already have a broker in place. YMMV depending on which broker you get. eg. UPS in house broker can be a lot more expensive.

Our minimum entry fee is $16.50 but only goes as high as $21.00, regardless of how big the shipment is. Pays to have a broker. (or to do it yourself as it would only cost you time)

You got lucky before with your under $30 shipments. They can still assess a charge, but in most cases you are paying only the GST.
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