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Real world example here:

I work in a portion of the military where I am in close contact with the guys who do EOD work. (I don't do that myself, I just fix their stuff.) They hail from all over the military, guys with jump wings, guys who did time in JTF2, guys who've seen and done most of it, if not all. It's a pretty good smattering of skills and experience.

Anyway, when stuff isn't broken, we tend to bring in and work on our own stuff from time to time. Cars, boat motors, power tools, etc. In my case, I brought in a couple of my airsoft guns that needed some TLC.

So there I am, working on one of my toys and these EOD guys are like, "wow cool" and "that looks so freakin' real." They got a kick out of getting to test fire a WE M14 EBR.

So then, why do I have these sorts of toys to begin with?
Well, I play airsoft.
What's that?
It's a lot like paintball, sort of a mix between tag, capture the flag and hide and seek, but mostly grown men shooting each other with glorified BB guns in the bush.
Do people get all dressed up?
Sure, camo helps, you need places to put mags, etc.
Anyone re-enact whole units and stuff?
Probably somewhere.
Oh, okay. Cool.

I'm sure someone somewhere would have an issue with it, but they're going to be the exception, not the rule. But it primarily revolves around not being an asshat.

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