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For my 2 cents, as an ex member (16 years + a few tours/deployments) I will never wear anything that I haven't earned. Trade patches, rank or berets. Even after being out for nearly 10 years I have to much respect for members that have earned it. Even if I'm wearing a uniform for a game I ensure that I wear only issued, or dead on repo versions, that all accessories are real versions or exact copies. Why you may ask, because even in a game I feel that I need to represent to a high standard whatever uniform I'm wearing. Wether it's CADPAT, ACU or MARPAT, heck I'm so anal I'll wear realy Kelvar because that is that is being worn by the active duty troops. Just my option and I think in ready everything here that most people are of the understanding to not represent yourself in a negative light. This is a game of honour and this attitude should extend to all the aspects of the game including your appearance
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