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It's like wearing your NHL jersey while playing pickup.

When I was in the Canadian Airborne kit shop and buying stuff. I huge and very built paratrooper came in at the same time. I noticed a tattoo of the para wings on the back of his neck. Now I am thinking "uh oh, If I don't produce an airborne coin here I am dead!!!"

But instead I take on the issue head on and ask him. "Are you gonna kick my ass...?"

To my surprise he says "no, you're supporting us".

I was relived and pleasantry surprised and as I stated above I haven't worn it since (just for sizing in the kit shop).

Sometimes being involved with historical re-enactments can afford you some priceless perks. Like getting to explore a DC-3 Dakota that was actually used on D-Day. Or talking to an old vet who after seeing the uniform creates an instant bond and tells you stuff he wouldn't even tell his own kids. Then one time I spoke to a forum SAS medic who told me first hand accounts of his time when he served in Burma before it was known as Myanmar.

My favourite is driving a Vet (who was in the battle of Dieppe and captured) to Remembrance Day ceremony (a duty I felt privileged and proud to perform) and hearing his dirty jokes or his take on his last trip to the NATO HQ.

So I guess I am a "Walt"....
You Get Out of It What You Put Into It...
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