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Nobody bites actors heads off for wearing authentic uniforms on film and stage, and I think the same standard should apply to the casual re-enactment and role-playing that goes on in airsoft. I think you would be extremely hard-pressed to find any airsoft player who lacks respect for soldiers.

I have talked to my CF friends about what we do and they've mostly found it fascinating and cool and didn't have problems with any of the imitation. It's just a really elaborate form of collecting, drama/storytelling, sport, and hobby all wrapped up into one. Anyone who gets really upset about it needs to re-evaluate the things in life that make them upset.

edit: Having said all of the above if I did come across a CF member or a widow or the like who was disturbed by it for PTSD or similar reasons, I would respectfully limit my exposure to said person and try to be as reasonable as possible with my interactions with them. Suffering due to real war is no joke and if anything I did set off someone's suffering in that manner, I would try to avoid enflaming the situation.
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