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I'll give this a go since I'd had the the feelings working alongside soldiers, sailors and airmen and women. Initially I'd stuck with a fox, Agency, HTS, whatever get up, anything civilianish and I refused to get CADPAT.

With time that eased, as I talked to coworkers about my secret hobby.
Chief among my concerns was what a friend and OP Medusa widow would say.
She thinks it's great, as have a JTF-2 assaulter, two sappers, a two star, a 37 year RCR LCol, a handful of dbags from Health Services and of course the Airborne vets, Jimmies, Militia, and OCdts I've met from this board.

Would every CF member think its cool? No.
Would anyone be thrilled about rank and berets etc for anything other than historical reenactment? Certainly not.

Anyhow fill your boots.
Views are my own.

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