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Smile Are Revolvers A Legitimate Sidearm?

Hey everyone, I am a fairly new airsoft player, just started playing a couple months ago. Just wanted to ask here if revolvers are considered a "legitimate" sidearm when compared to green gas powered pistols? By this I mean would mean when you compare the six round drum vs. eighteen rounds or higher magazines in green gas powered pistols, would this ammo handicap serve to make revolvers too undermatched vs. these other pistols even when they tend to have a higher FPS to extend extra range?

I currently run a WG C02 4" revolver and carry an extra two speed loaders to try and compensate for the low ammo count and low manual reload speed. I have a couple good matches in a day of play using it, but I can't deny that sometimes I feel disadvantaged vs. another player using pistols with a higher RoF and larger ammo magazines.

How does the community feel about this? Do revolvers have legitimate uses on the battlefield, or are they made more for target shooting and the like?
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