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Now that is good advice, dumby me I should of rephrased my question to include that kind of thought path. So I think that's what I'll try for now and I'll see how that goes. But it sure would be nice to be able to go some place and just squeeze off some rounds without the fear of a bunch of bad things going wrong or have to wait for a game to come up.

Thanks to all for you help and suggestions. it's been nice conversing with all of you.

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Stay out of the public eye with your stuff.

Sight in your stuff indoors. Use the longest stretch of space you have.

If you're at sub 30ft range then adjust your sights so that the shots are hitting roughly 1-1.5" centered above where you are aiming. That'll get you close until you can get to a game to set things. If you're setup is good you'll be shooting pretty tight clusters at that range...but don't expect 1 hole groups.

When you get to a game...find a safe spot (the staging area is not the place for this) with about 50+ feet of space. Preferably, have the wind at your back...or at your front. Adjust your hopup so the shots are flat.

Then...fine tune your sights (you probably won't have to do much if you're roughly sighted in already). Pick out a branch or someting that's not blowing around.

90% of the time that's good enough. Fine tune from there...but don't hold everyone else up while you're dickering around.
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