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Originally Posted by FOX_111
Originally Posted by attack-beacer
well there are some ppl that have to take pot and as med's. cancer is any example and there are mant other drungs out there that will affect the way u think and act but u may need to take them.

People that take those medication don't belong on the field anyway.

NO DRUGS. no exceptions.

Excuse me?
I deserve the right to play this game just as much as you do. Just to get through the pain each day that I have from the moment I wake up, I have to take some powerful narcotics. Maybe not weed ( but that was an option that the doctor gave me) but stronmg enough pills that would make the average person seeing the proverbial pink elephant. Yet after taking these meds for 7 years to me it feels no different than my wife taking 2 Motrin.
And even with those meds in my system, I can still play this game fine and as safely asd any other member on this board.
Do you have any MP5 accessories that you're looking to get rid of just let me know.
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